The Manor House is the large home of noblemen, in the north east area of Nashkel. There is nothing to do here except loot the house of its belongings.

You can speak to Samantha on the second floor, for information on the mines or if you want to meet Jamie.

Notable lootEdit

If you successfully loot every container in this building you will find;

  • 97 GP
  • Chill Touch Scroll
  • Shield Scroll
  • Magic Missile Scroll
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Healing (Cursed - does not heal, leaves player intoxicated)
  • History of the North (x7)
  • History of Shadowdale (x3)
  • History of the Bell in the Depths
  • History of the Moonsea
  • History of Tethyr
  • History of the Chosen of Mystra
  • History of the Last March of the Giants


Manor House and Travenhurst Manor in Beregost use identical interior maps.