Manuals of Gainful Exercise are magical tomes which increase Strength by one point and are consumed when the point is added. It can be used by all classes. It has a weight of 25 lbs. It appears in the games of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

In Baldur's Gate, one tome can be found in the Underground passages of Candlekeep.

The point increase skips the derivations of 18 Strength, and will increase Strength to 19.

In-game descriptionEdit

A typical Manual of Gainful Exercise provides the reader with a strictly regimented routine of daily stretches and tests designed to increase muscle bulk. As if this wasn't enough, the manual is also magically enhanced, thereby allowing an individual to raise his or her Strength by a single point. Unfortunately, the manual will disappear after a single use.


  • See Strength for more information about Strength.

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