Manuals of Quickness of Action are magical tomes which raise Dexterity of the user permanently by one point. After it is used, the tome will be destroyed. It can be used by all classes. It has a weight of 25 lbs. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

In Baldur's Gate, one tome can be found in a barrel near Black Lily in the Thieves' Guild

In-game descriptionEdit

A typical manual of quickness of action provides the reader with a wide variety of tips and pointers regarding the motion and coordination of one's hands and feet. This small tome is much in demand by people from many walks of life, including rogues wishing to improve their slight-of-hand and paladins wanting to perfect their thrust and parry. The secret of such a manual lies in its magical nature, as it permits an individual to raise his or her Dexterity by a single point. Unfortunately, the manual will disappear after a single use.


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