Mazzy Fentan is a halfling lawful good fighter and a potential companion.BGIIToBBGII:EE

Mazzy acts as a paladin and servant for the halfling's god of war, protection and vigilance Arvoreen

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal Edit

Recruitment Edit

Mazzy is available to recruit from Chapter 2. She can be found in the Temple Ruins area, north of Umar Hills. She and her former companions headed there to defeat the Shade Lord but they were killed and she is imprisoned in the Ruined Temple of Amaunator, she can be freed if the Shade Jailor is killed and the key is used to open her cell and will join the party to defeat the Shade Lord.

Mazzy has a home in Trademeet to which she will return when she is removed from the party when not needed for a long while.

Subquest Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Hexxat - Conflicts
  • Korgan appears to be attracted to Mazzy, and will occasionally have banters where he hits on her
  • She sees Valygar as a new squire in one of her dialogues with him.

Gameplay analysis Edit

As a halfling with 16 constitution, Mazzy receives a -4 shorty bonus to saving throws against Death, Spells and Wands. She also has some special abilities very similar to those of paladins: Lay on Hands, Haste, Invoke Courage and Strength (Mazzy).

Mazzy has the following items when joining the party: Sword of Arvoreen, Bow of Arvoreen, arrows, and Chainmail Armor. The sword and bow are not personal equipment, they can be used by other halflings as well.

In-game biography Edit

When asked about her past, Mazzy proudly states that she has spent numerous years adventuring around Amn with her other halfling comrades, basing out of her home town of Trademeet. The thought of Patrick and her other companions and their fates brings a shadow across her face, however. Mazzy is a dedicated servant of Arvoreen, the halfling god of war, and she resents the common perception by the bigger races that the stout folk cannot defend themselves or act with valor. If she could, Mazzy would be a paladin and battle against evil in Faerun with the full power of her god to aid her.

Quotes Edit

  • "How may I assist?"
  • "Yes?"
  • "Something amiss?"
  • "Very well."
  • "At your command."
  • "That shouldn't be so difficult."
  • "In Arvoreen's name, it will be done."
  • "One word about size and you'll regret it"
  • "I am willing to continue if needed...but I would vote to stop and rest" (when tired)
  • "I trust this current ...direction... we are on will not continue" (when reputation is low)
  • "It feels good to be traveling in the open, during the day. Adventure and virtue mesh well, I think" (when travelling outside during the day)
  • "Arvoreen protect me!" (when near death)

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