Mazzy has challenged Gorf the Squisher is a quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


The quest is obtained by bringing Mazzy Fentan in front of the Copper Coronet in the Slums District of Athkatla. Mazzy will meet Gorf the Squisher, an aggressive ogre, and challenge him to a duel in the Copper Coronet's fighting pits.

Inside the Copper Coronet, Bunkin can be approached and asked to fetch Gorf for the fight.

Next to the stairs of the common room, Festule the Alchemist will sell a potion to the group for 500 gold (400 with bargaining) to drug Gorf. With a flattery Bunkin can then be persuaded to give the potion to Gorf. Completing this optional step will land 11500 XP to the group.

Once Gorf and Mazzy are ready they both will be teleported to the small fighting pit. Mazzy will be stripped of her equipment and given a short sword and a small shield. Gorf will fight with a regular club.

Killing Gorf is worth 2500 XP and completing the quest is worth 5000 XP.


  • The potion cannot be bought if Mazzy is within earshot of Festule.
  • The potion has to be bought before asking Bunkin to fetch Gorf.
  • It is recommended to talk with Lehtinan in the Copper Coronet and ask about the backrooms pleasures to be able to unlock the doors. Else it might take a lot of time before Gorf comes into the common room.
  • Bunkin will disappear after the fight.


  • Gorf has been known not to appear sometimes or not to initiate the conversation that leads to the fight. It is recommended to save before entering the Copper Coronet right after the initial dialog. External link to the issue on the Beamdog forums.