Mirianne's Husband, sometimes also known as Mirianne's Letter, is a side quest that you can pick up in Beregost.

In Beregost there is a woman named Mirianne. You will find her in her blue-roofed home (4800, 2110) on the eastern edge of town, just north of Thunderhammer Smithy. She is pining after her husband, Roe, who is on a business trip to Amn, and is concerned because she has had no letter from him.

She asks you to keep and eye and ear out for any news on his whereabouts.

Miriannes letter

Two Ogrillions standing over the messenger's body.

On the way to Nashkel, in the South Beregost Road area, you will find two ogrillons on the road near the body of a halfling. Once you have slain and looted the bodies of the ogrilions, you will find a letter.

The letter reads,

My dearest Mirianne,

The road has been difficult but I have arrived safely here in Amn. I think it would be wisest if I returned by sea, however, perhaps sometime after the first snows have fallen. I trust this letter reaches you. The halfling I hired to carry it struck me as an honest enough chap.

Always and forever,


Return the letter to Mirianne and she will thank you for the information and you will be rewarded with 300 XP and a Ring of the Princes +1.


  • Triggered By: Speaking to Mirianne
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Mirianne's Husband
  • Entry Title: Mirianne's Husband
  • Quest Begins:
    I was moved by the pleas of Mirianne of Beregost today. Her husband, Roe, had to make a trip south to Amn and she is understandably worried for his safety. I have sworn to keep my eyes open for any news of relevance I might encounter in my journeys down that road.
  • Quest Completed:
    I have completed the task that a nameless halfling messenger, now dead and mourned, started deep in the heart of Amn. Mirianne has received her husband's letter by my hand, and I am glad to hear that it bears good tidings of his safety. I am humbled by her offer of a simple ring to keep me safe. Be it magic or superstition, I know not, but I will wear it, at least to remember her by.

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