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This page gives an example of some of our best pages from each category, to help new editors create great pages for the wiki. The model pages can be considered as a guideline when making a certain type of pages. Click here to see all the infoboxes the wiki uses for pages. This article was last updated at 8 November 2013


These two pages are using the Template: Infobox creature as to display information. All pages using this infobox automatically get categorised in the character category. Note that some information can only be found by using a special program. Creature are hostile humanoids, civilians and monsters.

This page is using the Template:Infobox companion as the infobox to display information. Companions are all NPC's which can join your party. All pages using this template are categorised under the companions category.

This page is using the Template: Infobox class to display information. This infobox may also be used for pages on class kits. Note that this infobox adds all pages where it's used to the category classes.


  • Model Organization Page


The four pages are all using the Template: Infobox item and all pages where this template is used are added to category items. All other categories must be added manually.


These pages are using the Template: Infobox area to display information.


This page is using the Template: Infobox quest to display information.


This page is using the Template: Infobox spell to display information.


This page is using the Template: Infobox ability to display information. Abilities are all special moves which can be done by a character.



This type of page is being used in the case that there are multiple pages that might share a the same title. This page serves as a redirect page to improve navigation on this wiki.

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