Molkar is the leader of the assassins that attack the party of Gorion's Ward in the area of Gullykin. They are far from the village, in the south of the area (3640, 3630). The others in his party are Morvin (warrior), Drakar (priest) and Halacan (wizard). They are worth a total of 3,700 XP, and their most notable loot is:


As usual, the lead assassin introduces himself and you get three dialogue options, none of which affect the outcome in the least.

So, we finally meet. Poor little [Hero], I assume you're completely clueless as to why you must die. I'm sure you've already had problems with an assortment of incompetent bounty hunters. Well, those days are done. Today, you will die.

  • 1:-Wait a moment! Who is it that wants us dead? Before I die, I want to know whose name should be my dying curse.
Do not think I would be so foolish as to betray my master's name. You may know that I am Molkar, and I am your death. Now, DIE!
  • 2:-I'm sure you'll be about as much trouble as the rest of the rabble we've killed.
You'll be a feisty kill, little one. When you die, know that it was Molkar who killed you.
  • 3:-Please! Just let us alone. We have done nothing to you, and nothing to whoever you serve.
Pathetic. Why my master should fear you, I'll never know. Let Molkar send you screaming into the pits of hell!


  • Triggered By: Assassination attempt by Molkar and friends
  • Journal Section: Journal
  • Untitled Entry:
    A man named Molkar tried to kill me this day. He didn't tell me who his masters were, but he did know my name.