The Moonblade (Moonblade +3 in EE) is a powerful magical sword. When unsheathed, the blade will be engulfed in blue flames, very similar to The Burning Earth. It can only be used by Xan, who was chosen by the sword itself to wield it. It falls under the Small Sword proficiency in Baldur's Gate and Dagger in the Enhanced Edition.

The blade offers a bonus to the Armor Class of +1, a THAC0 bonus of +3 and +50% fire resistance to the wielder. It can inflict 4 – 11 slashing damage and has a speed factor of 2 (though the classic version of the game states in the sword's description only a factor of 5).

It's found in Mulahey's chest in the Nashkel Mines, on the fourth level. Xan is held prisoner nearby.

In-game descriptionEdit

This potent weapon was created by the smiths of ancient Myth Drannor. Moonblades are used in the long process of selecting a ruler for the isle of Evermeet. A Moonblade chooses its owner, and in the case of this sword it has chosen the elf, Xan. Only Xan can use this blade, anyone else who tries will find themselves unable to lift the sword. This particular Moonblade gives resistance to fire and gives its user a bonus to his armor class.


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Moonblades generally are longswords which mages, as Xan, in the underlying Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition ruleset usually can't wield. To circumvent this and make Xan a valid wielder of his weapon, the item was changed to be a Dagger in terms of game mechanics. As a result some remnants of a common Long Sword still can be found in the item file, such as the false description of the weapon's speed factor in the non-Enhanced Edition of the game (see the Bugs section below) or the (never appearing) description of the item if it was unidentified, which isn't the case.


  • The sword bears the name "XAN" on its hilt.[1]
  • Besides having absolutely no usage restriction in the item file, neither the name nor its talktable identifiers appear in any 2da file or script. This also applies to the above mentioned text. It appears as if the restriction is hardcoded in the game's executable.BG

Bugs Edit

  1. In the classic Baldur's Gate the description reads "Speed Factor: 5", which has been fixed in the Enhanced Edition.

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  1. Message on the inventory screen when trying to equip someone else with the weapon.

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