Mulahey is a cleric of Cyric in the employment of Tazok, and the boss of chapter two in the storyline. He is found at the lowest level of the Nashkel Mines. He has somehow convinced the kobolds who work for him that he is one of their deities.

He will summon hordes of kobolds and skeletons; focus on attacking him or try and group them all together and use AoE spells.

When his hit points get low, Mulahey will pretend to surrender, but will use the distraction to summon more skeletons and heal himself up before renewing the fight. He has to be killed and the party can retrieve his letters of correspondence from the chest.

Dialogue if charmedEdit

"I am your humble servant Mulahey. I exist only to please you. My operations have been going very well here. I have been causing all sorts of trouble among the miners. My kobolds have poisoned all of the iron and have killed several of the miners. What else could you ask for?"