Mutamin is a gnome mage responsible for the large amount of basilisks in the Mutamin's Garden area east of Temple. The "garden" that he so jealously protects is a collection of petrified travelers and beasts "sculpted" by his basilisks.

Dreadfully sorry, but I'm afraid... I'm gonna have ta kill ya.

Mutamin is found in the north-cental portion of the area. He first casts Mirror Image on himself, and follows that up with Horror and Melf's Acid Arrow, so he needs to be killed or otherwise neutralized quickly.

He is accompanied by a Greater Basilisk just north-east of his position. This basilisk remains neutral, even if attacked, until Mutamin is engaged. So if you approach slowly from that direction and attack only with ranged weapons and spells at maximum range, you can kill it while it just stands there ignoring you.


Greetingssss, I am Mutamin. I hope you enjoy the artwork my pretty lizards have sculpted. They sculpt with their eyessss. They sculpt when nasty travelers come by, yesssss. I don't like nasty travelers. They should keep to the roads.

  • 1:-Is it just me, or is the world filled with wackos? Okay, Mr. Psycho Gnome, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but we're really not interested in your rock garden.
  • 2:-You murdering psychopath! Your lizards have killed people, and we're not about to let them keep on killing.
  • 3:-Um. Well, it was really nice talking to you, but we have to go.

Regardless of the option you choose, his reply is the same:

You will go nowhere! You will join the beautiful work of art that standssss before you. You will become a piece of the art... forever.  

A petrified bear in Mutamin's Garden:

Petrified Bear