Myrkul, also known as the Lord of the Dead or the Lord of Bones, is a neutral evil dead deity of the dead. He is part of the Dead Three alongside Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, and Bane, the Lord of Tyranny.

Long ago Myrkul was a powerful adventuring necromancer in his mortal years, traveling with Bane and Bhaal, dedicated each to a quest to attain divinity for themselves. They traveled to the citadel of Jergal who, tired of his position, gave up his portfolios willingly. Breaking off his skeletal knucklebones after an argument over which of the three would rule over the other two, they were each thrown by the mortals to determine which of Jergal's portfolios they would receive. The end result was Myrkul gaining the portfolio of the Dead and Jergal became his seneschal.

During the Time of Troubles, which Myrkul and Bane where the cause of, he was slain by Mystra. Cyric inherited his portfolio as god of the dead thereafter. Unlike with the worshippers of Band and Bhaal, the transition went smoothly and without any notable tension, for they did not seem to care whose name they were invoking in prayer.

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