Nahal's Reckless Dweomer is one of the three spells exclusive to Wild Mages.


Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
This spell is the Wild Mage's ultimate last-resort spell. When cast, the Mage releases a sudden flood of wild magical energy in the hope of seizing and shaping that energy into a desired spell effect. The attempt usually fails, but something almost always occurs in the process.

To use Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, simply cast it and then choose from your list of known spells. A burst of magical energy is released, which the Wild Mage will try to manipulate into the desired form. The actual effect of the spell is determined randomly by a dice roll on the Wild Surge Table.

Because the release of energy is planned by the Mage, his level is added to the dice roll. If the result indicates success, the Mage has shaped the magical energy into the desired effect. More often than not, the effect is completely unexpected. The result might be beneficial to the Mage, or it might be completely disastrous: This is the risk the Mage takes in casting Nahal's Reckless Dweomer.

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Dweomering sequencers and contingencies Edit

[1] A sequencer or contingency won't surge. But the next spell you cast will, 100%. This is a so-called postponed surge. You need to burn it with a dummy spell. Do not forget to do that.

Postponed surges are cumulative. If you dweomer minor sequencer, contingency, and then spell trigger, none of them will surge, but then the next 3 spells will surge.

  1. Best way to handle a postponed wild surge is to burn it with a level 1 spell in a safe area. Safe area means that it's small, has no bystanders, and you can leave it quickly (in case you call down fire rain or gate a demon, etc). Good examples include second floors of The Red Sheaf in Beregost or Den of Seven Vales in Athkatla (after it's been cleared, obviously). Cast the spell from afar, do not stand close to the destination point.
  2. Any spell will do, but obviously, you'll want to keep it low level. And it's preferable to use an area effect spell, to avoid "caster becomes target" effects. Good candidates are Sleep and Grease.
  3. Having spells memorized just for the sake of burning them might be annoying, so if you don't use Sleep/Grease much, a targeted spell like Spook or Magic Missile will do too, although it's a little more risky. Cast the targeted spell on a container, and if there's no container around, drop an item on the floor then cast the spell on the item instead.
  4. Do not use cast-on-self spell like Armor or Shield to burn postponed surges. That's just asking for trouble.

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