Nalia is Abducted is Nalia's companion quest during Shadows of Amn campaign.


  • About a week after liberating de'Arnise keep, a messenger approaches Nalia and gives her a letter, requesting her to participate at her father's funeral.
  • After you have received the message go to the Athkatla Graveyard. The same messenger meets you at the entrance and takes you to where the funeral is held.
  • Go through the door the messenger left you at and with Nalia speak to all the guests. Most of them just make small talk but Nalia's betrothed, Isaea Roenall, is both rude and threatening. He makes it quite clear he believes Nalia belongs with him, and not on the road with a bunch of strangers.
  • Once you leave the funeral, Nalia tells you that Isaea Roenall is nothing short of a criminal.
  • One day later, when you are travelling outside, Isaea turns up and arrests Nalia "for her own good". He gleefully tells you that if you want to lodge a complaint, you should speak to the proper authorities – which would be himself. With that, he leaves with Nalia in tow. All her items, except her ring, are given to party members.
  • Soon after, Khellor Ahmson approaches you and gives you some advice. He knows that Isaea is corrupt, and he suggests that you look for a man named Barg in the Athkatla Docks.
  • Find Barg near end of the Sea Bounty Tavern stairs in the docks district. Speak to him, and he will tell you he is deep into pirating, and that Isaea is footing the bills. He also burps out that Officer Dirth is a slaver.
  • Go to the Sea Bounty Tavern and talk to Officer Dirth on the lower floor. He however doesn't want to talk to, he would much rather kill you. Kill him and pick up Isaea's Slavery Document off his body.
  • Next go to the Athkatla Government and enter the Roenall Estate just northwest of the main government building. Collect Isaea's Financial Statements from a drawer in the western most room.
  • With the evidence in hand, go to the Council of Six Building.
  • Speak to Corgeig Axehand. Corgeig is Isaea Roenall's superior and initially refers you to Isaea. However, with Barg's testimony, the Slavery Document, and the Financial Statements, Corgeig agrees to investigate.
  • Isaea and Nalia appear on the scene. Isaea, despite his protests, is relieved of all duties indefinitely, and Nalia is back and ready to rejoin the party. Each party member, except Nalia, receives 7,000 XP.