A Nature's Beauty spell allows the caster to appear as the ideal of beauty while the victim dies of longing for an illusion or be permanently blind.


When this spell is cast, the caster appears to undergo a remarkable transformation. The caster becomes the very ideal of beauty: For a male, this is usually a nymph; for a female, it varies. As with a nymph, anyone viewing the disguised caster must make a Saving Throw vs. Spell with +3 bonus or die of longing for the denied illusion. Even if the Saving Throw is successful, hapless viewers of the transformed Druid are all instantly smitten with permanent blindness (until dispelled). The transformation is instantaneous, but lasts only seconds, affecting those near the caster (excluding fellow party members).

Gameplay Edit

  • Only hostile humanoids are affected by Slay (opcode 55), what really shines in this spell is its aoe no-save blindness, which limits the victims to act only to their default AI scripts, though both effects yield to magic resistances