Neeber is a civilian in Baldur's Gate II who can be found in Trademeet. He is an echo of Noober in Baldur's Gate.

You will find Neeber lingering outside the Fentan home in Trademeet. Like Noober, he will continuously speak to you every few seconds. If you tolerate Neeber's silly questions, each party member receives 1,000 XP and he also gives you 5 Bullets +2 before leaving. Unlike Noober, who has 32 lines and (with one repeating twenty times), Neeber only has about half the number before rewarding the player for his/her patience.

Dialogues Edit

  1. Hello there! You're adventurers, aren't you? I want to be an adventurer!
  2. Where'd you get that cloak? I want one!
  3. I like that sword! Do you have to sharpen it?
  4. Can you sign my shirt?
  5. Are you gonna kill the druids? Can I watch?
  6. I killed a rabid rabbit! I'm experienced now!
  7. Have you been many places? Mind if I tag along?
  8. People say I ask too many questions. Do you think so, too?
  9. What's a cleric?
  10. Do you have to study spells? Can I see one?
  11. We should go find Waukeen! That'd be a great adventure!
  12. Have you ever seen a dragon? WOW!
  13. I want to see Athkatla! I hear the streets are made of gold!
  14. I wanna go to the Underdark! I've heard there's cool stuff there!
  15. Have you killed the genies? I can go tell them that you're gonna!
  16. You aren't going to throw rocks at me now, are you?
  17. You've been really nice to me. I'll give you some rocks that other people threw at me. You just gotta promise not to throw 'em. Here.