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Neera is a chaotic neutral half-elf wild mage who appears in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. She can be found in the town Beregost on the north of town, south-east of where your party enters the area, seeking aid against a group of mages hunting her.

During this encounter, Neera barely gets to introduce herself before being confronted by the pursuing mages. Ekandor, the leader of the mages, demands your party step aside or be attacked. Deciding to help Neera forces a battle in which Neera preemptively teleports Ekandor away using Wild Magic. After the ensuing battle with the remaining mages, Neera can be recruited.

If you dismiss her after recruiting her, she will be found in Friendly Arm Inn.

A recruiting conflict occurs if Edwin Odesseiron is in your party when you meet Neera. In this case, when the pursuing forces arrive, Edwin will recognize Ekandor as a fellow member of the Red Wizards of Thay and attempt to mediate with his colleague. If the player decides to defend Neera, then after Neera's preemptive teleportation of Ekandor, Edwin pulls rank with the remaining mages since he is the ranking Red Wizard in Ekandor's absence. As a result, the henchmen disperse without a fight. Neera will then begin her usual dialog by asking to join the party. However if the player attempts to recruit Neera, then Edwin will threaten to leave since his own brethren are hunting Neera. Thus, the player must choose between keeping Edwin or recruiting Neera.

Neera's voice actor is Nicola Elbro, see external links for the information.

You! HEY, YOU! Yes, you. I don't see anybody else around here. A little help, please?

–Neera introduces herself


Neera starts with a unique spell Nahal's Reckless Dweomer, which allows the caster to choose any spell they know on the fly and cast it as a first level spell, at the cost of raising the chance of having a Wild Surge to 100%. The caster also gets to add their level to the wild surge roll.

Recruited at level 1, Neera has 4 hp and one Weapon Proficiency:

  • Quarterstaff +

She is wearing a Traveller's Robe and wields a special Quarterstaff: 

She knows the following spells:

She also carries a Gem Bag containing a Fire Agate Gem, Lynx Eye Gem, Sunstone Gem and a Turquoise Gem.


If you keep Neera in your party long enough (and, possibly, listen politely to her long, winding stories) she will ask you to help Find the Wild Mage Adoy.

Restitution/Unpaid Debts.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Neera says she has been on the run from Red Wizards for months and months. She seems quick-thinking and a little glib, but you have heard that wild mages are among the most powerful spellcasters... as long as they don't have an accident. Despite her cheerful and capricious demeanor, you sense her past haunts her. As much as she loves unleashing the powers of her wild magic, she also seems to fear the harm it can cause.

In your JournalEdit

After you aid Neera against the Red Wizards, an entry is placed into the Journal section of your Journal:

  • Triggered By: Aiding Neera
  • Journal Section: Journal

If you accept her into the party:

  • Entry Title: Something Wild
  • Entry: 
    I met a half-elf named Neera on the road and rescued her from a group of Red Wizards intent on studying her talent for wild magic. Her spells are unpredictable but sometimes far more powerful than those of other spellcasters. Her personality seems just as unpredictable, so I hope I made the right choice in bringing her along.

If you do not invite her to join your party:

  • Entry Title: Wild Thing
  • Entry: 
    I met a half-elf named Neera on the road and rescued her from a group of Red Wizards intent on studying her talent for wild magic. Between her unpredictable spells and manner, I thought it better to let her go on her way. She said she would be at the Friendly Arm Inn.


  • "You rang?" (on selection)
  • "*yawn* Casting spells isn't as easy as I make it look, I'm tired." (when tired)
  • "Uh huh?" (on selection)
  • "What is it this time?" (on selection)
  • "Stand back, and watch this!"
  • "My turn to save the day!"
  • "I'll do it!"
  • "There was way more excitement in High Forest... " (if not doing anything for a while)
  • "I could really use Tenser's Floating Bandage over here!" (when health critical)
  • "EAT FLAMING - or... possibly frosty - DEATH!" (battle cry)
  • "Oof... only take me... to a licensed cleric... argh... " (death)
  • "All right, if you're sure. Oh, it's so fun to be in charge!" (when made leader of the party)

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