Many of these items appear in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, but not in Baldur's Gate. Some of these items were added by Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


Axes Edit

Bastard Swords Edit

  • Albruin +1 (Immunity to poison, +2 damage bonus, detect illusion once per day, "silver" attribute) - Simmeon (part of Dorn's storyline), just outside Baldur's Gate Wyrm's Crossing, near Quayle. From Baldur's Gate II - SW1H34

Clubs Edit

  • Club +1 - Krum, area east of gnoll fortress - BLUN36
  • Night Club +1 club with Thac0 +1, +2 at night - in a chest in Entar Sivershield's garden in Baldur's gate [v1.1.2012] - BLUN38
  • Might oak +2 (Club +2) -Shadow druid leader, cloakwood 3, inside treehouse - BLUN37

Flails Edit

Great Swords Edit

  • Rancor +1 (+1 greatsword, which gets +1 to hit when you have killed someone) - Dorn II-Khan's starting sword - SW2HD1

Halberds Edit

Katanas Edit

  • Katana +1 - Chest, 3rd floor of cloakwood mines. From Baldur's Gate II - SW1H44

Long swords Edit

Maces Edit

Quarterstaffs Edit

  • Neera's Staff +1 (+1 staff with a small chance to damage target with extra fire damage, and a small chance to damage Neera with fire damage instead) - Neera's starting staff - STAFN1
  • Quarterstaff +2 - Laskal, Cloakwood 3. From Baldur's Gate II - STAF18

Scimitars Edit

These weapons are from Baldur's Gate II

  • Wakizashi +1 - dropped durin Dorn's ambush, when he joins you - SW1H47
  • Ninja-To +1 - Baldur's Gate sewers in cocoon near ogre mage and carrion crawlers - SW1H49
  • Scimitar +1 - Ogre mage in Baldur's Gate sewers [v1.1.2014]

Slings Edit

Spears Edit

War hammers Edit

Ammunition Edit


Body Armor Edit

Shields Edit


Scrolls Edit

High hedge, Feldepost's inn and Sorcerous sundries all sell new spells. Notable others:

Misc Edit

All bags are from Baldur's Gate II

Cursed itemsEdit

Notable extrasEdit

All these items already existed in the classic version, but these are additional copies of them.

Other Edit

  • Helm of Opposite Alignment - the Demon knight at the bottom of Durlag's Tower now drops the helm when killed. Previously, he only dropped this if you killed him when he briefly attacks you in the entrance hall. [v.1.2]
  • Ankheg Plate Mail now stacks with rings of protection
  • Evermemory no longer stack with themselves. (so you cant equip more that one on the same mage)
  • Normal Katanas or Scimitars will not be dropped by Ogre mages unless otherwise specified. Katanas are not affected by the iron crisis

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