Night Club (Night Club +1 in-game) is (however it's name can be misleading for first read) a magical Club with +1 enchantment. It has a bonus of +1 to damage and THAC0, a weight of 3, a speed factor of 2, and it requires only 5 Strength to be equipped. The Night Club's special ability is that it's THACO bonus is raised to +2 at night. This item was added to the Enhanced Edition, to make more choices for club usersin the game. It can be found in a chest in Entar Silvershield's garden in Baldur's Gate.

In-game descriptionEdit

This darkwood shaft surrounds a core of lead, giving it both stealth and heft. Its enchantment connects the club to the Shadow Weave, lending it greater power under cloak of night.

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