I am death, come for thee. Surrender, and thy passage shall be... quicker.

Nimbul is one of many assassins in Baldur's Gate who tries to kill Gorion's Ward in return for the prize on the bounty notice that Sarevok has put up.

In Baldur's Gate Chapter 3, after the player has cleared out the Nashkel Mines and is walking back up Nashkel, Nimbul will appear and hail the player outside the Nashkel Inn. He will wonder why he has been hired to kill the likes of you and attack. Killing him will get you 650 XP. Due to where he attacks, he may be quickly killed by the guards.


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This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed

, Nimble drops the unique scroll of Find Familiar.


Nimbul's dialogue if Charmed:

Now isn't this strange, you are now my friend! This is quite the predicament. I've been hired to kill you, yet now I love you. What am I to do? I know, I know! I will tell you want you want to hear, and then I shall kill you. Does this satisfy you? No matter, let me begin: Once there were three pigs who had built a house of iron. This house had brought them fortune and comfort, but it was now threatened by the big bad wolf! So the three pigs hired out a small man named Nimbul. "Nimbul," they said "You must kill this wolf for us. If you do this, you will be given much gold to line your pockets." So Nimbul set out to kill the wolf, but then something happened that he never expected: Nimbul fell in love with the wolf! So now, to Nimbul's sorrow, he must carry out this order and end the wolf's life. Goodbye!