Generic Noblemen and noblewomen litter the landscape, particularly in comfortable inns across the land. Here are a few minor figures who stand out (however slightly) from the crowd.

Candlekeep, PrologueEdit


Thurston and his wife are found in the large suite on the ground floor of the Candlekeep Inn. If you speak to him, he initiates dialog between you and his wife, who sometimes passes the dialog back to him.

He is not worth speaking to unless you are a Thief with at least 18 Dexterity and Charisma, or a Mage/Thief with 18 Dexterity, average or better Charisma, and a Friends spell, in which case he is very much worth talking to:

"Step up to the heat, young one.  You'll NEED a good fire to warm the chill stares of those monks.  Most inhospitable, they are.  Isn't that so, Lovey?"

(Wife): "Oh yes darling, they are MOST standoffish."

  • 1:- They lead a somewhat cloistered life here, so they are unaccustomed to many visitors.  You are perhaps a bit... colorful compared to what they are used to.
  • 2:- Watch your tongue!  This was my home for a good part of my life and I'll not have you slighting them in their own keep!
  • 3:- Oh, I would not let it concern you, milady.  Perhaps they are not used to wealth such as yours.  You are quite wealthy, are you not?  Bring a lot of expensive jewelry with you?
Perhaps that was it? It may have looked as though we were showing off. I'm going to lock all my jewelry back in the room, dear, so I don't offend them again.
(Thurston): A capital idea, Lovey. Perhaps I should do the same? Leave the finery under lock and key whilst we brush up on our reading? I can think of no safer a place than here. I doubt very much that a scoundrel would pay the book fee into this place to burglr the Inn. Laughable!
Note:  This response is available only to protagonists with a Charisma score of 18, or to those with a Charisma score of 9-17, a Friends spell, and some combination of luck and patience. Friends adds 2d4 to your Charisma score, so the higher your starting score the less luck and patience is needed.
  • 4:- Perhaps they have not been as welcoming as they could have, but you ARE strangers in their home.

Option 3 (with the Charisma noted above) leads to them adding a Pearl Necklace and a Fire Opal Ring to the Star Sapphire that was already in the locked chest in an empty room upstairs. These can be sold to Winthrop downstairs for 750 gp, in addition to the 1,000 gp for the sapphire.

With a lockpicking skill of 60, and some patience, that chest can be opened, although it may take a few attempts. Rumors to the effect of "If you can't unlock something in 5 attempts then you can't unlock it all" are false.


Quincy is found upstairs in the Candlekeep Inn. He will tell you his name if you ask, and dismiss you rudely no matter what you say.


Christian is in a room upsairs in the Candlekeep Inn. If you ask his name, he will tell you that he is "Christian of Waterdeep." He will dismiss you rudely no matter what you say.

Candlekeep CoastwayEdit


Chase is a not very suicidal Nobleman on the coastal cliffs of Candlekeep Coastway

The Friendly ArmEdit

The "Pantaloons Nobleman"Edit

An unnamed nobleman, known only as the Pantaloons Nobleman, in The Friendly Arm mistakes you for a servant of the inn, and entrusts his pantaloons to you for cleaning. Will you keep them or tell him of his mistake?



Gyllian  is an intoxicated and flirtatious noblewoman found in the barroom of Feldepost's Inn.

North Nashkel RoadEdit

Lord ForeshadowEdit

Lord Foreshadow is a harbinger of games to come.

Fire Leaf ForestEdit

Sendai of AmnEdit

Few in the game can match Sendai of Amn for her offensive, obnoxious attitude. You don't have to fight her, but you will surely want to after even a brief exchange of words. The 1200 xp, Long Sword +1 and Studded Leather Armor +2 and other good stuff that you will get are just icing on the cake.

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