Oh, I do hope we find those gauntlets soon.

Noralee is a female elven worker[1] in a warehouse at the docks in Baldur's Gate.

Quests Edit

  • Noralee's Gauntlets – With a reaction of 8 or above, Noralee will ask Gorion's Ward to look for some gauntlets she has lost from a recent shipment somewhere at the harbor.
    • With the quest active and when approached a second time with these gauntlets in the inventory, she will take them and give a reward, again dependent on reaction. Then she leaves. (See the quest article for details.)

Notes Edit

References Edit

  1. Noralee's dialogue – Response 1: "Noralee, a half-elven[sic] fighter in Baldur's Gate, has lost a new pair of gauntlets somewhere along the road between the warehouse where she works and the harbor."