Noralee lost a pair of gauntlets somewhere between the harbor and the warehouse where she works. They are in a container somewhere on the docks and she would very much appreciate them being returned.

This quest is given by Noralee. She can be found in a warehouse on the southeast side of the Baldur's Gate Docks near the Low Lantern. The gauntlets are in a container outside the Temple of Umberlee (aka The Water Queen's House.) on the southwest side of the Baldur's Gate Docks. When identified they are revealed to be Xarrnous's Second Sword Arm.

Completion and outcomesEdit

Returning the gauntlets to Noralee will yield a reward of two Potions of Infravision, 1000 XP, and a one-point Reputation increase. In the original Baldur's Gate the quest is bugged and will not remove the gauntlets from the player's inventory when they try to return them to Noralee. As a result the player ends up with both the gauntlets and the reward for returning them. This is not fixed by the mod Unfinished Business or Tutu but is fixed in the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Depending on the game version it may be preferable to keep the gauntlets if they are of greater value to the player than the offered reward. Not returning the gauntlets has no effect on the player's Reputation.

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