Noralee's Gauntlets were part of an armor shipment from Waterdeep, she must have dropped somewhere on her way from the harbor to the warehouse she's working at in Baldur's Gate. Noralee assumes, they might be found in some crate at the docks.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Noralee in the warehouse at the Baldur's Gate Docks, directly opposite of the Harbormaster's Building. Only with a reaction of 8 or higher, she will ask Gorion's Ward to look for her gauntlets.

Noralee, a half-elven[sic] fighter in Baldur's Gate, has lost a new pair of gauntlets somewhere along the road between the warehouse where she works and the harbor.

Walkthrough Edit

Rewards Edit

Approached again, Noralee will take a pair of the gauntlets from the party's inventory if they have one. Her reward will always be 1,000 points of experience and an increase in reputation by 1. The material reward is based on reaction again:

After this, Noralee leaves.

Gameplay Edit