Nymphs are wild creatures known for their incredible beauty. They look much like human or elven women. Nymphs are one of the creatures that can be summoned by druids to aid their allies in combat. Though they are gentle creatures by nature, nymphs are well equipped to defend themselves. Instead of attacking their enemies directly they tend to charm or confuse them to make them fight each other.

Nymphs could be compared to sirines, as they are both beautiful fey beings that take mortal lovers, but nymphs are generally not hostile and more inclined to frolicking and love-making than violence. They are also a much rarer sight than sirines, though neither sirines nor nymphs can abide captivity. If a nymph is held captive outside her natural habitat for too long, she will languish and die.

The body parts of nymphs are highly sought after by some mages and craftspeople for use in spells or magical items, such as the Nymph Cloak. As a result, they are sometimes hunted; however, this is not the only way to acquire such prizes. Locks of hair are sometimes given by nymphs as a sign of favor or as a boon.

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