If you choose to accept Gatewarden's offer, you will be taken to the Storage Cellars and meet up with Obe.

Note: This isn't "really" a quest (or subquest or side quest), as it doesn't show up in your Journal, as all good quests do. It is initiated via dialog, like a quest, but lacks clearly defined goals and tangible rewards.

Here you will be given temporary control over 5 companions, giving you a full party of 6 to lead.

Obe the illusionist will create harmelss monsters for you to practice fighting against. Every few turns he will interrupt and ask if you wish to continue; at this point you can choose to stop training and leave the cellars. After a certain amount of turns he will teleport you back out without asking. Obe's excuse is that his illusions begin to get real if he's been conjuring for too long without a break.

This exercise bears no material rewards (you do not even gain experience points for the kills) but helps you to understand how to make multiple players work as a team when fighting monsters.

Temporary PartyEdit

The party that you temporarily take control of consists of 5 companions: Arkanis, Canderous, Osprey, Mordaine and Deder. They all have items and spells of their own.

You cannot bring any of the items from these characters outside the Storage Cellars.

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