Oils of Speed doubles the movement speed and adds one (1/2 if applied to APR of 5/2 or 7/2 etc) extra APR for 5 turns or until dispelled, which is a longer period than Haste, spellcasting however, is not affected.

This potion can be used by every class except wizard slayer or monk.

It appears in all games in various locations. Be careful there's a cursed version with the same name in game.

Acquisition Edit

In BG1, this potion is sold at Sorcerous Sundries, High Hedge Estate, Erdane and many general stores in Baldur's Gate city.


This oil increases the movement and combat capabilities of the imbiber by 100%.  Thus, a movement rate of 9, becomes 18, and a character normally able to attack once in a round attacks twice.  This does not reduce spellcasting time however.  The duration of the effect is 5 turns.

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