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Pai'Na is a female half-drow Hivemaster Druid who can be found in Pai'Na's lair, Lower Tombs underneath the Athkatla Graveyard.

Pai'Na resides in the Spider's Nest, a large web-chamber in the center of the Lower Tombs, the doorway to which is guarded by several forms of Giant Spider, including a Wraith Spider, a Phase Spider and a Sword Spider.

In the basic game of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Pai'Na reacts with immediate hostility upon sighting the player. Several swarms of spiders attack the player alongside her, and they must be killed quickly, as while frail they pack a very potent venom in their bites. Upon her death, she drops a Black Spider Figurine, and a hidden cache in the center of the web conceals a Pale Green Ioun Stone, and Scrolls of Spider Spawn and Spell Immunity.

If the player has the Unfinished Business mod for Baldur's Gate II installed, however, Pai'Na is more diplomatic and can potentially give the player the quest Pai'Na and Spider's Bane. In this installation, a party that includes Viconia will recognize Pai'Na as a half-Drow, rather than a full-blooded Drow.

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