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Pai'Na's lair is a small cocoon-like hut made of spider web in the midst of Lower Tombs in the graveyard area of Athkatla.


It is where the half-drow hivemaster Pai'Na breeds her spider companions. Two broods of spiders reside here (around 20 of them in total), feeding on the human corpses Pai’Na has brought them. Upon entering the area Pai’Na takes offence of the disturbance and attacks the party, summoning the spiders to her aid. The druid is the main threat in the ensuing battle, as the spiders are low level and relatively harmless, unless they successfully poison a party member.

A niche in the middle of the area contains a Pale Green Ioun Stone, a Spell Immunity scroll and a scroll of Spider Spawn.


Notable LootEdit

Related QuestsEdit

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