Pai'Na and Spider's Bane is a sidequest that can be undertaken in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn if the player has installed the Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II) mod. It can be started by talking to Pai'Na .

If the player proves to not be hostile, Pai'Na explains her current problem, and the paranoia it gives her; Athkatla has recently appointed some Giant Spider-slayers in the Sewers underneath the Temple District , who have been going about their job with relentless gusto. As a Hivemaster Druid, this incenses Pai'Na, but she cannot get close enough to stop them, as they have access to a powerful anti-spider weapon. She charges the player with retrieving it from them; whether they kill the exterminators or not is up to Gorion's Ward.

The exterminators that Pai'Na wants dealt with are the simple-minded Hurg and Jaeggar, who are in the central-western chamber of the Temple Sewers, Upper Level. The player may either fight them or offer to bribe them. Though the choice ranges are 50, 500 and 1000, they will turn 50 down as being too low and reject the player outright at 1000, as they don't believe anyone could possibly have that much gold.

Unfortunately, the two of them have misused Spider's Bane as a common implement, and so they have destroyed it; its only worth is to be handed over to Pai'Na, who rewards the party with 15000 EXP, the Black Spider Figurine, and her Rod of Webs. The party may also take Scolls of Spider Spawn and Spell Immunity from her cache as well.

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