This page about paladins is specifically made for Baldur's Gate. See Paladin for a version for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Paladins are warriors devoted to law, justice, piety and chivalry and are an example to others in society. That is reason only the lawful good alignment is available to them. They can use all kinds of weapons and armor and have abilities to fight and protect others from evil. Only humans can become paladins and there are no multi-class combinations possible or any dual-class possibilities, as the available dual-class combinations are the same as multi-class combinations.

Special abilities of the paladinEdit

-Turn UndeadEdit

Priest&paladins have the ability turn undead creatures. When this mode is activated and the undead creatures are in range of the character, there is a possibility the undead will stop attacking their tagets and run away from the character until the effect is worn off. At higher levels, this mode may destroy undead.

-Lay on HandsEdit

This is a healing spell which heals 2 hitpoints for each level the paladin is. A paladin of level one will heal only two hitpoints, while at level four, this ability heals eight hitpoints. At lvl 8 it will heal 16 hitpoints.

-Detect evilEdit

This ability is like the spell Detect Evil. All evil aligned creatures will glow red.

-Protection from evilEdit

This ability is like the spell Protection from Evil. All evil aligned creatures will receive a -2 penalty to their attack roll when targeting creatures protected by the spell, the protected creature receive +2 bonus to all saving throws from when targeted by evil creatures and also prevents creatures summoned by spells as Cacofiend, Summon Fiend and Gate.

-Saving throws bonusEdit

They gain +2 bonus to all saving throws.

Character abilitiesEdit

Character ability Min. requirement. Max. requirement
Strength 12 18
Dexterity 3 18
Constitution 9 18
Wisdom 13 18
Intelligence 3 18
Charisma 17 18

Experience tableEdit

Level Experience needed Weapon profiency Notes
1 0 4 Paladins have the same experience table as rangers.
2 2,250
3 4,500 1
4 9,000
5 18,000
6 36,000 1
7 75,000 Highest level for paladins with Baldur's Gate.
8 150,000 Total: 6 points. Highest level for paladins with the expansion pack.
9 300,000 1 Not possible to reach.
10 600,000 Not possible to reach.