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Palin is a hunter in Baldur's Gate. He appears to frequent several wooded areas, including the Wood of Sharp Teeth and Cloakwood.

He may be first encountered by the protagonist and their party in Peldvale assuming the player travels there before Chapter 3; in later visits, Ted will be found there instead. He mentions that his uncle was killed by a monster, but otherwise offers no significant information or interactions.

He re-appears as one of the hunters on-guard outside the cabin in Cloakwood Lodge encountered during Chapter 4, the other being Balquo. He provides backup for Aldeth Sashenstar during a confrontation between him, an arch-druid known as Seniyad, and the protagonist's group.

I really think that Duke Eltan should bring in part of the Flaming Fist and put down these wild men of the woods.

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