Brothers, join the slaughter!

Palin is a Wolfwere who can be found in the northern half of the Isle of Balduran.

He will try to lure Gorion's Ward and party into a trap by asking them for help in a battle against monsters attacking a small group of people. If the party agrees to help, he will ask them to follow him and walk a very short distance. Once he is spoken to a second time, he will reveal he has led them into a trap, and several other Wolfweres will spawn and attack. Palin himself remains in human form for the duration of the battle.

If Gorion's Ward refuses to help, Palin will reveal his true colors right there, and call on his fellow Wolfweres just as he would have had he lured the party into his trap. They still spawn in the same spot, however, which is not in visual range of his original position, so it is possible to fight him alone and take down the Wolfweres later.

He is also in possession of Farthing's Dolly.