Pallonia is an astrologer found near the center of the Lighthouse area (3530, 1670). She is frustrated with continious visits from people asking about local matters such as the Iron Crisis and rampant banditry, while she is occupied with greater concerns in the wider world. She can be killed without penalty.

'I know why you're here. It's the same reason everyone else comes to see me, and you shall get the same answer. I do NOT know when the iron shortage will let up, I have NO CLUE as to who controls the bandits in the area, and I have NO INTEREST in accompanying you to the gambling tables in Baldur's Gate.'

If you are polite, you may be able to glean a modicum of information from Pallonia. Her predictions are indeed true, as she will hint at "troubles brewing in great Amn" (a reference to Irenicus' scheming and the whole plot to unfold in Baldur's Gate 2), and another event to the far North, in "a city where winter never rears its ugly head" (a reference to the plot in Neverwinter Nights).

However, no matter your answers, she will leave after the conversation.