AR2400BG1worldmap Peldvale is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Peldvale sits east of the Friendly Arm Inn, but generally is not encountered until Chapter 3 – en route to the Bandit Camp to the north.

Much of the area is taken up by four large lakes and two smaller ones. There are also a few cliffs and patches of impenetrable forest, making travel through the area a series of twists and turns.


  • Viconia (449,738) – An evil drow cleric and potential companion is on the run in the north-western part of Peldvale.
  • Palin or Ted (3377,463) – Hunting on the northernmost lakeshore is … well, whom you'll meet, depends on whether or not you have begun Chapter 3.
  • Raiken (4013,594) – Not far from that hunter, only a few steps to the east, a bandit amongst bandits will try to rob or kill you, and dying in the process, or introduce you to Tazok at the Bandit Camp.
Note: Raiken, as well as his fellow Teven in the Larswood, cannot be encountered here anymore, if Gorion's Ward has emptied the trapped chest in the Bandit Camp's main tent, and Baldur's Gate Chapter 4 has started.


The lakes in this area have quite a few barrels washed up on their shores, some of which are lootable for small amounts of gold. 65Goldpieces can be found in four barrels:

  • 1207,1798 – Western shore of the western great lake: 10Goldpieces
  • 1413,3464 – Southern shore of the southern great lake: 10Goldpieces
  • 2904,2473 – Southern shore of the eastern great lake: 13Goldpieces
  • 4093,2550 – Southeast to that eastern lake, at the smaller pond's shore: 32Goldpieces
Note: Locations are the same for both game editions.



  • N: Bandit Camp (hidden until Chapter 3)
  • W: three areas:
  • S: two areas:
  • E: no exit
Note: Some of these transitions and travel times seem unlikely, if not just plain wrong, when referencing the World Map(s). The map was revised somewhat for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, improving the plausibility of none of these transitions, instead worsening the situation for a few.