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Perdue is a temperamental halfling resting in the barroom of the Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost. He had his short sword stolen from him by a bunch of Gnolls in the High Hedge area. If you speak to him, with a very specific and not entirely obvious sequence of responses (1, 2, 1, 1), he will give you a side quest to retrieve his sword.

Trivia: "Perdue" is the French word for "lost."



The sequence of responses that will get you the quest is: 

"Hullo. You wouldn't 'ave happened to see a big loutish guy with a dog's 'ead on him around here, have you?"

  • 1:-A dog's head?
  • 2:-Oh, a gnoll!
  • 1:-Never liked them myself. How much would that blade be worth to a runty guy like you?
  • 1:-You've got yourself a deal.

Hmph. Figured maybe he'd eaten it by now. I hope you ran 'im through once or twice to get it, at least. Now take your 50 gold and be gone.

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