Not to be confused with Perdue's Short Sword. Perdue's Short Sword is a side quest that may be obtained by speaking very carefully to Perdue in the barroom of the Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost. In "classic" Baldur's Gate this quest is commonly referred to as Retrieving Perdue's Sword.

After being mugged by Gnolls in High Hedge, Perdue has taken refuge in the Red Sheaf Inn. Speak to him and he'll ask you to retrieve it. He's difficult to talk to; say the wrong thing and you'll lose the quest. The correct series of responses is; 1, 2, 1, 1.

The particular gnoll who stole the sword, herein referred to as the Gnoll Thief, can be found in High Hedge, skulking outside the estate. He is accompanied by a Gnoll Slasher and a Gnoll Veteran. Though visually identical to any other common short sword used by many enemies in the area, it can be identified by it's unique name. (Perdue's Short Sword)

Once you have it, return to Perdue in Beregost to claim your reward of 500 experience points and 50 Goldpieces.

(Warning: After killing the Gnolls, If you don't pick up the sword within a certain amount of time it will be cleared from the map, from this point on it can only be acquired by using the console.)

Oddly enough, it is possible to kill him without reputation loss afterwards to retrieve his sword back, along with a Leather Armor and 35 XP.


  • Triggered By: Speaking to Perdue
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Perdue's Short Sword
  • Entry Title: Perdue's Short Sword
  • Quest Begins:
    Feeling somewhat sheepish after treating him so poorly, I have agreed to retrieve the sword of poor Perdue the halfling from a band of gnolls apparently lurking in the plains west of Beregost, close to the High Hedge.
  • Quest Completed:
    No reward was worth that! Perdue has his sword, and I have what he calls his thanks and a reward, although neither was very generous.

Under unknown circumstances, the entries in your journal may instead read:

  • Quest Begins:
    Against my better judgment, I have agreed to find and return the sword stolen from Perdue the halfling. If his directions are correct, I should find it amidst a band of gnolls apparently lurking in the hills west of the Friendly Arm Inn, very close to the High Hedge wizard home.
  • Quest Completed:
    I have received 50 gold pieces and Perdue's grudging thanks for the return of his short sword but little else. In retrospect, I shouldn't be surprised as he has been a pest and a nuisance from the start. Ah well, I knew his price was low when I went into it.