Perter is a merchant in Waukeen's Promenade who sells mostly ranged weapons.


Item icon Item name Stock Selling price (rep =3) Selling price (rep =8-14) Selling price (rep =20)
Composite long bow icon Composite Longbow 5
Long Bow item icon BG2 Longbow 5
Short bow icon Shortbow 5
Throwing Dagger item icon BG2 Throwing Dagger (x10) Unlimited
Throwing axe icon Throwing Axe (x5) Unlimited
Icon Dart Dart (x20) Unlimited
Sling item icon BG2 Sling 5
Heavy Crossbow item icon BG2 Heavy Crossbow 5
Light Crossbow item icon BG2 Light Crossbow 5
Arrow item icon BG2 Arrow (x40) Unlimited
Arrow +1 item icon BG2 Arrow +1 (x40) 10
Icon Arrow of Biting Arrow of Biting (x40) 5
Icon Arrow of Dispelling Arrow of Dispelling (x40) 2
Icon Arrow of Fire Arrow of Fire (x40) 7
Icon Arrow of Ice Arrow of Ice (x40) 5
Arrow +2 item icon BG2 Arrow +2 (x40) 3
Bolt item icon BG2 Bolt (x40) Unlimited
Bolt of Biting item icon BG2 Bolt of Biting (x40) 5
Bullet item icon BG2 Bullet (x40) Unlimited
Studded Leather Armor item icon BG2 Studded Leather Armor 1
Icon Buckler1 Buckler 1
Potion of Infravision item icon BG2 Potion of Infravision 15
Potion of Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Strength 5