Petrine is in the southwest corner of Baldur's Gate North. She is a child that ran away from her uncle. She will ask player character to get a ring which her cat likes playing with so it will come back to her from her uncle house which starts the side quest Petrine's Cat.

 Side QuestEdit

Hi, I'm Petrine and my folks aren't around no more and I ran away from my Uncle Bheren 'cause he's real mean. My cat's really an angel, though, and she protects me when bad things happen. Or at least she did. I can't find her now, though. I think she went back to my uncle's to get her ring. There's this ring she loves to play with, but when I ran away I had to leave it at my nasty uncle's. If you could just get me the ring, I'm sure Angel would come back. Could you do it, oh please?