I woke up with this in my hand... I think I must have torn it off his shirt when he threw me in the grave.


The Piece of Red Cloth is, as one would expect, a small scrap of red-dyed cloth and a quest item.

This item appears in BGII(SoA)BGII:EE(SoA).

Location Edit

  • Acquired from Tirdir after freeing him from his shallow grave.

Related quest Edit

Find the kidnappers who buried Tirdir Edit

Tirdir, a man found buried alive in Athkatla's Graveyard, asks Gorion's Ward and their party to find the men who kidnapped, held him for ransom and then left him for dead.

In-game description Edit

This is a piece of red cloth that Tirdir claimed to have torn off of his captor's clothing. Perhaps you should keep watch for a man in red as you move through the city.

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