Plat99 is no ordinary plate mail by any chance; this plate mail armor can alternate between a 'chest-girdle' allowing full spell-casting ability and normal plate mail with the same protection as the standard variety.


Plat99 can only be spawned in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast and within Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition via the console commands.


This obscure suit of armor has two descriptions: the one for regular plate mail and describing it as a cursed spear +3 as a chest-girdle.
Plat99.ITM In Use Crop

Platemail Armor by default; castable armour by use.

Plat99.ITM Changed (One of the Few Acts) crop

Note: Armor Class 8

Plat99.ITM Used crop

Platmail Armor on Standby.

Plat99.ITM Worn crop

Note: Armor Class 1

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