Poisoned Arrows are created by Eldoth using a unique special ability. While only five may be crafted each day, these arrows are fairly powerful in that upon contact with the target, the victim becomes poisoned - similar in most respects to Arrow of Biting. Creatures who are immune to poison will obviously not receive any damage from the poison effect. Also, Eldoth is the only one who can use these arrows.

In the original Baldur's Gate, there is no save for the poison effect, and it deals 2 damage per round for 40 rounds, or unless cured. However, in the Enhanced Edition, the target will make a Save vs. Poison to negate the effect, which changes slightly to 1 damage every two seconds for 40 seconds.

In game descriptionEdit

These are Eldoth's personal poisoned arrows. He learned how to use poison at a young age, and can create enough venom for about 5 arrows. He is the only person who can safely handle these arrows.