Potions of Invisibility make the consumer invisible, but not undetectable for the other senses. The effect is the same as the second level wizard spell by the name of Invisibility. Actions related to combat will make the consumer visible once again. If these activities can be avoided, the effect will last 12 hours in-game time. This potion appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate EE and Baldur's Gate II. In the game of Baldur's Gate, this potion is for sale at Sorcerous Sundries.

Here is a list of combat activities and other activities which terminate the effect of the potion:

  • Attacking creatures, including backstabbing for thieves.
  • Casting any spell
  • Switching weapons


This potion confers invisibilty to similair to the second level wizard spell of the same name. Actions involving combat cause termination of the invisible state. Barring combat, the effects will last for 12 hours.