Potions of Stone Form set the armor class of the creature to zero and give the imbiber a bonus of -3 to all saving throws, however this will lower dexterity by three points. The effects last for 5 turns or until dispelled.

This potion has some visual effects, the imbibers look like they're made out of stone after drinking this.

It appears in all Bhaalspawn saga games.

Acquisition Edit

BG1 Edit

SoD Edit

BG2 Edit

In-game descriptionEdit

Drinking this potion results in a transformation much like the one the imbiber would go through if <PRO_HESHE> were turned to stone. Skin color, stiffness, even the feeling that is received from the body—stone.

Gameplay Edit

  • Like Potion of Invulnerability, its saving throws bonuses are stackable, but unlike its warrior group counterpart, this potion has a wider usage range
  • Beware: dexterity penalty stacks, do not over drink it lest the imbiber dies from the ability score being less than 1


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