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Pride is one of four warders whose riddle the player has to solve to access 2nd level of Durlag's labyrinth. To solve his riddle the player must read books about Durlag's achievements and then enter the room with the monument to Durlag in the shape of a giant sword.

Pride is the strongest of the warders and the most difficult to defeat. He is unnaturally fast and has a high number of attacks per turn. Oil of speed may be useful in matching him. He is slightly resistant to all forms of damage both magical and mundane but has a higher resistance to magic than anything else. Despite his resistance he can still be effected by spells like Web which hamper movement and by other offensive spells.

He can be weakened by causing Avarice to cast Cloudkill and then leaving the room. If pride remains behind he will be injured by the spell. This is easiest to achieve if the party retreats as soon as the warders attack and then lures them off one by one. Avarice always casts Cloudkill at the start of combat.

Quests Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

  • The Four Warders

Quotes Edit

Pride Portrait Large
I am the warrior's fate.

I raise him above his brethren. I amplify his deeds. He becomes scornful, where once he had respect. He becomes a giant, where once he was a man.

Yet, I lack the proper honor... Raise me up in glory. Through the chronicles of my deeds, pride shall be honored. Through the passing of knowledge my sword shall display its glory. Then you shall know that I am well pleased.

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