The Priest of Oghma can be found at the Temple of Oghma in Candlekeep.

These walls contain the world's knowledge.
Wisdom is only possessed by the learned.

— audio files for Priest of Oghma

"I am pleased to see that you have taken time to pay tribute to wise Oghma."

1:-I was wondering what you had to offer at this temple of wisdom?
(the Services Interface is presented)
2:-Good day to you.
(no reply)

A Priest of Oghma can also be found in the Candlekeep Surgery. He will offer you healing in the way of one Healing Potion, whether you are injured or not.

A Priest of Oghma shows up to cast Cure Light Wounds on you, whether you are injured or not, when you speak to Gorion and tell him that you are ready to leave.

In Baldur's Gate Chapter 6 there is a Doppelganger disguised as a Priest of Oghma inside the Priest's Quarters experimenting on a dead cat. There are also multiple Priests of Oghma scattered about in the Candlekeep Library.

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