This quest is obtained (and completed) by talking to Ingot in the Dryad Falls area east of Gnoll Stronghold. He wanted to roast and eat the prisoner Dynaheir, going against the consensus of the Gnolls that keep her captive. For this, he was exiled from the Gnoll Stronghold, and will tell the player about it as a revenge. If his description of Dynaheir's prison is anything to go by, it was intended at an earlier stage of game production to make another, underground, and literally a dungeon level at the Gnoll Stronghold: "...the otherrrs would rather let herrr live within that cellarrrr!.." He brags that he will "taste herrr flessh yet." If slain, he drops a unique halberd (BG:EE only): The Chesley Crusher, a +2 Halberd, with bonus damage.

It is not easy to both get his forrrtrrresss story (and the quest, for what it may be worth) and also kill him for his quite impressive loot, as he will not turn hostile and fight back once his tale is told. He will simply walk away, ignoring your attacks. You have to kill him before he can travel about 20 yards and disappear from the game. Any sort of stun effect (Chromatic Orb, Dart of Stunning, The Stupefier, etc.) will help greatly.


  • Triggered By: Speaking to Ingot and asking about the fortress
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Prisoner of the Gnolls
  • Entry Title: Prisoner of the Gnolls
  • Quest Begins:
    A woman is being held captive in the gnoll fortress to the west! It seems likely that she is still alive as her captors apparently banished the gnoll, Ingot, upon well-founded suspicions that he might eat her.