Not to be confused with Protection From Cold (scroll).

Protection From Cold gives the target complete invulnerability to non-magical cold attacks and 50% damage resistance against cold from magical cold attacks.

Scroll for this spell can be added to the spellbook through learning (chance to Write Magic) and can be used as a one-time only spell by a spell caster. The all-green colored Protection From Cold scroll is a one-time, use-only scroll (available for use by all characters) that cannot be used to learn this particular spell.


When the spell is cast, it confers complete invulnerability to normal cold attacks and partial protection from exposure to magical cold such as icy dragon's breath, spells such as Cone of Cold, a wand of frost's column of ice, etc., absorbing 50% of all the damage dealt by such magical sources. The spell lasts no longer than one turn per caster level.


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