Protection From Evil, 10' Radius allows the caster to provide Protection From Evil to multiple creatures with prolonged duration.


When this spell is cast, all creatures within a 10-ft. radius are affected individually by Protection From Evil. It creates a magical barrier around the recipients at a distance of one foot. The barrier moves with the recipient and has two major effects: First, all attacks made by evil or evilly enchanted creatures against the protected creature receive a penalty of -2 to each attack roll. Second, summoned demons cannot target protected creatures.


The spell works in 3 ways:

  1. All creatures, not just the evil creatures, as the descriptions states, suffers +2 penalty to THAC0 to attacks made to the spell's recipients
  2. Recipients receive a -2 bonus to saving throws caused by attacks of evil or evilly enchanted creatures
  3. Recipients are prevented from being targeted by creatures summoned by CacofiendSummon Fiend, or Gate spells