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Not to be confused with Protection from Fire (spell).

Protection from Fire is a protection scroll in BG. It is a use-only scroll, and cannot be used to learn the Protection from Fire spell.

The effects of this scroll differ significantly from the spell of the same name. For example, it gives 50% resistance to both natural and magical fires as opposed to the spell's 100% resistance to natural fire and 50-80% resistance to magical fire.

Range and Duration are also quite different: 30 feet vs touch and 12 hours vs 3 rounds + 1 round/level.

In-game description Edit

Protection From Fire

A Protection From Fire scroll offers protection to the target from all forms of fire, even that of magical or elemental nature. The effect is not permanent, however, and will wear off after 12 hours.

— Target receives Fire Resistance: +50%
 Range: 30 ft.
 Area of Effect: 1 creature
 Duration: 12 hours

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