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Protector of the Dryads is an enchanted shortbow, also known by the name of Eagle Bow. In terms of enchanted shortbows, this is a Shortbow +2. It offers a +2 bonus to damage and THAC0, weighs 2 lbs., has a speed factor of 4 and is much better compared to a normal shortbow. This item appears in Baldur's Gate. It can be gained when the party kills the assassin Marek in the city Baldur's Gate during the subquest to cure his poison within ten days. It's the most powerful shortbow available in the first game.

In-game descriptionEdit

In order to protect their community from an encroaching orc logging encampment, the hero Hannable the White was given this magnificent bow by the dryads of Gulthmere Forest. A deadly confrontation followed when the loggers dared to try to cut down a great oak tree, nearly killing the dryad linked to it. With the help of powerful forest animals, Hannable slew entire bands of orcs before any more damage was inflicted upon the wood. The orcs were forced to abandon their plans, lest they suffer the continued wrath of Hannable and the forest. Needless to say, the hero who aided the grateful dryads lived happily... nay, VERY happily ever after!

Trivia Edit

Game files have another entry for the eagle bow:

An eagle bow is a shortbow that has been imbued with magical properties. Any Archer using it will experience a noticeable increase in both accuracy and damage.

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